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Jun 11, 2017
  1. Archer Mark: If an archer shoots a player, the victim is 'archer tagged'. Their name is highlighted in red (even if they have the invisibility effect) and they take 25% more damage. The archer mark lasts for 30 seconds.
  2. /pvp – Shows all commands related to /pvp. (Still need /pvp sendlives <amt> <name>).
  3. Rogue Backstab: Backstabs can only be done with FULLY REPAIRED golden swords. When rogue backstabs a player, the player will take 4 hearts of damage. However, the rogue will receive slowness 4 and Mining Fatigue 3 for 3 seconds and their gold sword will be broken. They can backstab every 2 minutes.
  4. When a player from your faction logs on, a message is broadcasted to all members saying "Player has logged onto SylphHCF." "+ Player has joined the game."
  5. Bard Wither: When a bard uses spider eye, enemies within a 20 block radius will receive wither 2. The bard who gave wither will also get the wither 2 effect. Nearby /f allies WILL revive wither, faction members won't.
  6. PvP Timer - When a player dies, they have a pvp timer. They can not pvp or take pvp damage for 30 minutes. They can not enter faction claims or the end.
  7. This may seem odd, but on HCF, you can hit your allies. A message saying "Be careful, that's your ally." is sent to you.
  8. Ally chat is supposed to look like this "(Ally) Player: <message>" The faction name does not need to be shown as you can only have 1 ally.
  9. Faction chat is supposed to look like this: "(Faction) Player: <message>"
  10. This message should be added to the hub when a player tries to join a direct IP whilst not logged in.
  11. SOTW Timer

    Sylph 2.0

  12. [2.0] /ores <player> - Shows a number of ores a player has mined.

    Emerald Ores: x
    Diamond Ores: x
    Gold Ores: x

  13. [2.0] Diamond Announcer - Announces when a player finds a vein of diamonds, and how many diamonds are in the vein. [FD] = Found Diamonds

  14. [2.0] /stats <player> - Shows a players playtime, kills, deaths and K/D ratio.

  15. [2.0] When a player with the invisibility effect gets archer tagged, the invisibility effect is removed.

  16. [2.0] PvP timer duration does not decrease while in safezones.

  17. [2.0] Revamped Faction Plugin

  18. [2.0] When you are Y: 15 or below, you get the invisibility effect. If you go above Y:15, your invisibility will be removed.

  19. [2.0] There is another rank in HCF called "Co-Leader" which is one higher than officer. Co-Leaders have the ability to /f withdraw, /f kick, /f sethome, /f claim /f promote (only to officer), access all subclaims apart from Subclaims that belong to the leader and other Co-Leaders. Officers do can no longer: /f kick, and /f withdraw.

  20. [2.0] /focus <player> - Makes a specific players name Pink for however long they stay in combat.

  21. [2.0] Range of different KOTHs

  22. [2.0] "Compass" Feature (Bossbar)

  23. [2.0] /playtime - Shows how long a player has been online on the server, and rewards player with keys when they have been online for a certain amount of time.

  24. [2.0] Critical Hits

  25. [2.0] Splash potions and xp bottles now splash onto players. Enderpearls also land on players.

  26. [2.0] Subclaims (

  27. [2.0] /tl, /sc, - Sends a message in FACTION CHAT of the co-ordinates of the player. Can use /tl ally yes/no to allow allies to see co-ordinates or not.

  28. [2.0] "Auto-brewers" - When a hopper is placed on top/next to of a brewing stand, only the ingredients that the brewing stand can use are cycled in. They are cycled in to their designated slot. The only items a brewing stand cycles out are:
    - Healing 2 (Splash)
    - Speed 2 (Drink)
    - Fire Resistance (8:00) [Drink],
    - Invisibility (8:00) [Drink],
    - Poison (0.33) [Splash]
    - Slowness (1:07) [Splash]

  29. [2.0] The names of faction/ally members now appear green/blue to the client.

  30. [2.0] /hq - Alias for /f home.

  31. [2.0] /f lives - /f l - Shows the amount of lives the faction has.

    /f lives add , /f l a- All faction members can add lives to the faction lives bank.

    /f lives revive <player>, /f l r <player> - Revives a deathbanned player within the faction. Can only be used leader

    /f lives withdraw, /f l w - Withdraws lives from the faction lives bank. Can only be used by Leader.

  32. [2.0] Co-Ordinates

  33. [2.0] @SylphKillFeed

  34. [2.0] Headshots give out "blood" particles on each headshot, and headshots do 1.5x more damage.

  35. [2.0] Bard Energy and Bard Effect - In order for a bard to give the effects Strength 2, Speed 3, Jump Boost 7, Resistance 4, and Regeneration 3 they will need energy. The max amount of Energy a bard can have is 100. And energy goes up by one every second.
    The amount of energy a bard has will show in the side gui. For every effect used, a different amount of energy is used.

    - Strength 2 - 50 Energy
    - Speed 3 - 40 Energy
    - Jump Boost 7- 20 Energy
    - Resistance 4 - 20 Energy
    - Regeneration 3 - 20 Energy

    NOTE: Bard energy is not effected when the bard is just holding the effect item.

    Buff Delay is a 5 second cooldown in which you can not use any effects (Str 2, Speed 3 etc..). Buff Delay only occurs after you tap an effect item. Buff Delay will also show in the Side GUI.

  36. [2.0] Glowstone Mountain

  37. [2.0] /reclaim

  38. [2.0] /tgc [toggleglobalchat] - Enables / Disables Global Chat. Still able to see faction / ally chat and /msgs that come through.

  39. [2.0] /f who [KOTH]

  40. [2.0] When a player taps a blank spawner, the spawner should change to either a Cave Spider, Spider, Zombie, or Skeleton Spawner. If they tap on a blank spawner in the nether, it should turn into a Blaze spawner.

  41. [2.0] When in overworld, players can not go through end portals whilst combat tagged. Players can still go through end exit in end while combat tagged though.

  42. [2.0] EOTW

  43. [2.0] Staffmode

  44. [2.0] Better ender pearls.
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