Concentration and Its Effect on Memory Improvement

Dec 13, 2018
Stay engaged in life! Studies of healthy adults and Alzheimer's patients Inteligen Review indicate that keeping social connections, learning new things, and continuing meaningful activity is essential to a healthy brain. Many people look forward to retirement from a job or career, but it is important to plan for this event and avoid retirement from life! It is not a myth that people who have had busy careers and then stop working to do nothing, often die soon after the retirement date. Maintain relationships with people you love, and take advantage of opportunities to do new activities and meet new people by volunteering or joining groups that you might not have had time to explore. There are many places to take classes or learn new skills, and your brain will benefit. In particular learning a new language or playing a musical instrument builds new neuropathways in the brain. Happy, optimistic people are healthier in general. Guard against depression by seeking treatment immediately. Depression is bad for brain functioning and is a threat to your health and survival.