How to Power the House Without Paying Electricity Bills?

Dec 13, 2018
I have been a solar user for over a decade, and early on I rigged up a mount LowerMyBills to hold four panels. The size of the mount was about 4 1/2 feet high by 10 feet long. The mount was elevated some 25 feet in the air, in order to make better use of the winter sun. Immediately to the south there are tall trees which I am not at liberty to shorten. My neighbor may have something to say about that.This mount was controlled manually, which necessitated a trip to the tower preferably every hour. In fact, it was more like whenever I remembered to move it.There was one other advantage to this particular mount, which an automatic tracker would not have. In the event of a high wind, which I assure you places enormous pressure on the panels, the mount had the ability to elevate the panels to a fully horizontal position, thus taking all the bite out of the wind.Tracking mounts are available which will hold a substantial number of panels, perhaps you have seen pictures of solar electric "farms" which have hundreds of these mounts all aiming in the same direction. The tracking is completely reliable from dawn to dusk, and the tracker resets the panels at the end of each day.