Netiquette For Online Marketers

Dec 13, 2018
On the other side of the coin the filter is "so good" you don't get legitimate Facebook Ad IQ Academyemail that was intended for you. I have personally received email from the person sitting in the office down the corridor marked as SPAM.Facebook and MySpace eliminate this communication nightmare. The concept is simple. I invite you as a friend. You say yes. You get my messages. If we decide we don't want to be friends we don't get each other's messages.Facebook has presented great advertising opportunities. Facebook knows your age and habits (well some of them, so don't panic) so it knows what sort of adverts to throw up on the page you are looking at. This can be tedious.Facebook is viewed by some as a little too revealing. I have people who have asked me to be friends on Facebook who blank me when I see them in the veg aisle in the Co-Op. If I let you be my friend you can, at your leisure, see every picture that I have posted of me on holiday, at a party, wedding reception - anywhere. I find this all a bit too much and a little disturbing. If I came home and found someone in my living room that I vaguely knew who had spread out all of my photo albums on the floor and was poring over them I don't think I would find it acceptable if they said "...but I thought we were friends."